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Hello CrossFIT… Meet Natural Force

October 28, 2013, 0 comments

The way that we are training is changing. With the advent of CrossFIT® and more specifically, functional training, we are getting back to the roots of what it truly means to be fit. The days of spending hours at the gym sitting on uncomfortable muscle isolating machines are gone. Now, it’s all about burpees, box jumps and of course picking up heavy sh!# and lifting it over our heads! There will always be a special place in our hearts for some good, old fashioned “curls for the girls”, but the new cross-training workouts are taking over how we define fitness and put simply, are totally awesome! Now, that leaves us with one small problem: You may have shifted away from conventional workouts and turned yourself into a kettlebell swinging machine, but you are still taking the same old supplements filled with processed vitamins, powders, food colorings and who knows what else… There was a point in your life when you realized that conventional cardio and isolation based workouts were not for you which has led you to functional training. Shouldn’t you be thinking about the supplements you use to fuel that training the same way?

CrossFIT meet Natural Force. Natural Force meet CrossFIT.

Just like CrossFIT has changed way we workout, Natural Force has changed the way we think about training supplements with a new approach. We’ve gone “back to basics” when it comes to fueling the body with the proper nutrition it needs for training. You don’t need some crazy line of fitness equipment to get into shape and you don’t need a hyped up shiny container of magical workout dust to get the results you need. Quite frankly, those crazy circuit machines and that magical dust are probably doing more harm than good. Just like a whole body approach to training is most effective, a whole food approach to diet and supplementation has been (and always will be) the Holy Grail for fueling and recovering from intense training sessions. That’s right. Everything you need comes directly from Mother Nature. Lucky for you, we’ve applied these whole food principles to create a line of supplements that will fulfill your nutritional needs for intense training. It’s time to start fueling your functional training workouts with some functional, whole food supplements.

It’s ok. You can put down the jug of kool-aid, grab some peace of mind, and pick up some of our raw training supplements. Your body and your training sessions will thank you.

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