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If it’s not Natural Force, it’s not Paleo…

January 27, 2014, 0 comments

Eat like a caveman. It’s called the Paleo diet. Who would have thought, that after millions of years, we have reverted back to the most raw, pure form of eating? Of course all along the way man has spent billions of dollars on research, development and experimentation on our poor sources of food. You can find just about anything prepackaged and built to last with preservatives, genetically modified vegetables large enough to feed your entire family and jelly beans that taste like popcorn (terrible idea).

Now that we’ve royally screwed up our food culture and eating habits for generations to come, some of us are beginning to realize that this is not the way that homo sapiens should be eating. We believe that both soccer moms and athletes alike are becoming enlightened enough to realize the corruption of our food systems and are switching to the Paleo diet. This is posing a huge problem for all of those workout warriors out there who love to take supplements. I mean come on… who doesn’t love gearing up for their workout with a pre-workout, or nailing down a tough WOD with a recovery drink? Some of the problems are that:

  1. There are hundreds of different pre-workouts on the market that taste like bubble bath and are loaded with ingredients, some man made, that we cannot even pronounce. (Not Paleo Friendly)
  2. Too many protein powders are loaded with artificial flavors, sweeteners, and patented compounds designed to enhance the uptake of that protein. (Not Paleo Friendly)

Many Paleolithic dieters are ceasing to use supplements, because they just don’t vibe with their beliefs.

So, where does this ultimately leave supplements in regards to the Paleo diet? Well, many would argue that you should J.E.R.F. (Just Eat Real Foods). What if you could J.E.R.F and U.R.F.S. (Use Real Food Supplements)? Four years ago, we formed Natural Force based on the principles found in that acronym. We set out to create an entire line of training supplements that are based solely on using real super foods without all of the artificial Bull $h!t. That’s right, they are completely BS Free, just like the Paleo diet.

So, now that I’ve plugged our company into this blog and how it can help you use supplements, and still live by your Paleo based eating principles, give our products a shot. We guarantee that they will fuel your primal urge to workout in a caveman friendly way!

Written by Natural Force Nutrition