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How to Keep Fit While Traveling – Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Travel Workout!

August 22, 2016, 0 comments

Unfortunately, these short-term travel breaks can lead to lapses in your well cultivated habits, and leave you regretting those days spent poolside or indulging in fatty foods. In 2011, a study by Andrew Rundle and Catherine Richards of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health showed that those who travel 20 or more days a month are in poorer overall health than those who spend fewer days on the road. Higher cholesterol, a greater Body Mass Index and high blood pressure were all correlated with spending increased time traveling. If you want to maintain healthy behaviors, and ensure that a few days away from home don’t ruin months of hard work, here’s a new approach to travel workouts that will help keep you in top condition.

Choose the Right Hotel

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re able to have the best travel workout routine possible is by planning ahead. Take the time to research where you will be staying. More and more hotels are providing guests with gyms in order to allow patrons a safe, comfortable environment to work out in. Choosing one of these locations will go a long way towards helping you achieve your fitness goals. If the ability to choose the hotel is not a possibility, do a quick search of the surrounding area. See what nearby locations might be good for a quick jog or hike. Speaking with the concierge at the hotel is an excellent way to get a sense of what facilities will be at your disposal.

Bring the Proper Equipment

While it might be unrealistic to try and pack an entire set of weights into your suitcase, there are some basic and essential pieces of travel workout gear that can easily be taken on a trip. Your travel workout kit should include the proper type of shoes and a comfortable set of clothes. Bring what you would normally wear when working out at home to put yourself in the mindset of exercising. TRX straps and Perform Better Superbands are excellent tools for getting in a full-body resistance workout almost anywhere. These items can easily be folded into a bag without taking up too much room, and will ensure that when the time comes to actually get out and exercise, you will reduce your risk of injury and increase your chances of hitting your goals.

Proper Nutrition

On the road, keeping a proper diet can seem nearly impossible. However, sticking to a healthy diet is often more than half the battle for staying in shape while traveling and at home. Choose a salad instead of the greasy burger. Nuts, seeds and jerky are a healthy alternative to chips and sweets. If you have a long flight, intermittent fasting can prevent you from eating those high-calorie foods that often fill airport restaurants and vending machines. Eating the right foods will have you feeling your best and ready to perform.

Plan Your Schedule

Whether it’s for work or pleasure, travel generally involves having a schedule of some kind. Use this to your advantage when planning your workouts. Instead of waking up each day and working out when the mood strikes, come up with a consistent timeframe for getting your workout in. Plan runs or trips to the gym around meetings, or before taking that tourist excursion. Take the stairs whenever you can. Although it may not seem like much, avoiding elevators and escalators at the hotel and airport will quickly add up, and help give your legs a great workout. Consistency will be your greatest ally when it comes to staying fit on the road, and will help you enjoy your time away from home guilt-free.

Bring The Right Supplements  

Just like we mentioned above in regards to booking your hotel, workout schedule, and equipment, you’ll want to plan for what supplements you’ll want to bring along. Any all-natural pre-workout supplements that are a part of your normal routine should be packed in an appropriate container and brought along. If you’re checking a bag, you can place your pre-workout, protein powder, etc. into your checked bags. If space is an issue, you can measure out each serving for each day of travel from the original container and place into a separate container. We recommend labeling each container and using double bags to prevent any spills. Our favorite supplements to travel with? The Natural Force Total Recovery Stack will keep you on track even when you’re traveling!When it comes to maintaining your workout regimen, few things have the ability to slow down your progress like travel. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, leaving your home and established fitness routine behind can make it very difficult to keep the same level of dedication and focus as normal. Meetings, activities, or even good-old relaxation all provide more than enough of an excuse to take a day or two away from the gym, and derail you from your fitness goals.