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Benefits of Collagen Supplements vs. Benefits of Gelatin Supplements

September 29, 2016, 0 comments

The benefits of taking collagen are something that has long been under investigation by scientists. Due to the protein’s abundance in nature and throughout the human body, it plays a key role in several major bodily functions. For instance, collagen alone accounts for some 35% of all protein within the body and indeed it is the primary structural component of connective tissue in living mammals. What this means is that collagen’s impact on health cannot be understated, as its ubiquitous nature makes it an essential building block in bone, tendons and cartilage.

During a 2014 study, researchers studied the benefits of collagen supplements on overall health. The results were nothing short of miraculous; those who took collagen supplements were shown to have better skin and joint health than those who merely took the placebo. Skin elasticity improved, providing users with younger, healthier looking skin. There were also additional benefits of taking collagen; namely, with regards to joint health. Sufferers of painful conditions such as arthritis had a reduction in joint pain and swelling, leading to an improved prognosis and a reduction in flare-ups.

For many, gelatin is widely known as a dessert, a treat enjoyed by children all over the world and lovingly called by its popular name, “Jello.” Generally mixed with loads of sugar and dyed almost every color under the rainbow, you’d be forgiven if you never gave the dessert a thought past the age of 10. However, you’d be missing out on a potentially superfood that has the ability to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve a variety of bodily functions that extend beyond your sweet tooth.
It may be strange to think that there are benefits of Jello consumption, but that’s largely due to the fact that not many realize that gelatin is actually a form of collagen that has been reduced into smaller and smaller peptides through the process of hydrolysis. When gelatin is served as part of a healthy, normal diet, it can provide some key health benefits. For instance, it can improve gut health by promoting gastric acid secretion and repairing the mucous membrane that lines the stomach. It can also be an invaluable aid for promoting rest, due to the glycine found within the dish. And, as shown in our previous blog on training habits, adequate rest is a key part of any fitness regimen.

Thankfully, both collagen and gelatin are easily usable on a daily basis. Collagen hydrolysate’s powdered form means that it can be mixed into almost anything; simply add it to your favorite protein shake, water or even soup and immediately enjoy the health benefits. Should you find yourself with a bit more time to spend in the kitchen, gelatin is a great additive for cooking. Since it can gel up unless prepared, it can become difficult to eat on its own. Adding it as a thickener for broth is a favored way of consumption by chefs around the world, and adds a thickness and richness to any soup in a matter of minutes. Or, should you want to relieve your youth, make the classic dessert with food dye of your choice. That way, you’ll be making both your joints and your inner child happy! Curious about collagen supplements? We’ve got you covered. Our 100% pure hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides  the highest quality collagen supplement on the market.