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Testosterone: How to increase testosterone levels naturally with supplements!

September 1, 2016, 0 comments

It’s no secret that growing older is full of challenges. As the body ages, physical activities that once were done with relative ease can become much more demanding, and injuries that once took only days to heal can sometimes last for weeks. Often, feelings of fatigue and a loss of lean muscle mass are commonly attributed to an unfortunate and unavoidable part of getting older. And while there is truth to the fact that the body goes through significant changes through the normative aging process, what many don’t realize is that symptoms such as fatigue, loss of lean muscle mass, and a decreased sex drive may be caused by another condition entirely; low testosterone. Although often associated as a primarily male hormone, testosterone is, in fact, important for both sexes.

In men and women, puberty signals for the body to increase testosterone production, resulting in the changes most often associated with this part of the aging cycle: deeper voice, hair growth, development of secondary sexual characteristics, and increased sex drive. Testosterone continues to play a role in the body’s development beyond the changes experienced during puberty, as the hormone stimulates an increase in bone density and the development of lean muscle mass as well as physical strength. As a result, testosterone plays an important function in the ability to maintain a high fitness level throughout one’s life, which is why identifying abnormally low levels is so important.

After the onset of puberty, testosterone will continue to increase until around age 30. It is at this point, that a slow, gradual decline in the amount of testosterone in the male body will begin. The average individual can expect a decrease of almost 1% per year from age 30 onward. While it is normal to expect some decrease in testosterone with time, feeling a sudden lack of interest in sex, increased fatigue, and low muscle mass in one’s 30’s and 40’s is a telltale sign of abnormally low testosterone. Low-T effects the body in many ways.

Thankfully, raising testosterone levels using supplements that increase testosterone levels naturally can help combat some of the more common symptoms. One of the best supplements to raise testosterone levels is Natural Force’s Alpha Strength.Created from a two-stage blend of anabolic herbs and super foods, Alpha Strength can increase low testosterone levels by up to 24%. The all-natural supplement is excellent for those who are looking to raise their testosterone levels without the use of harmful chemicals.

Low testosterone is a condition that is becoming increasingly common among males. Due to commonality of many of its symptoms, doctors long attributed drops in sex drive, depression, and fatigue to more serious illnesses like diabetes and coronary heart disease. Only in recent years has the culprit for these symptoms shown to be a lack of testosterone. However, a variety of treatments exist that can successfully provide relief. Both testosterone gel and testosterone shots are great ways to increase one’s levels. Certain foods and drugs, such as alcohol, soy and even flaxseed are testosterone killers, and can make low levels even worse. Avoiding these foods, regular visits to the doctor, and a focus on exercising regularly will ensure that your testosterone levels are at their peak, and help you feel like your old self again in no time.