Why We Became a Certified B Corporation

When a member of our team suggested that we explore becoming a B Corp™ a light bulb went off. It was the piece of the puzzle that we had been missing for quite some time.

B-fore the Dawn

From the very start of our story we have been committed to doing the right thing, whether sourcing Organic and Non-GMO ingredients for our products to promoting employee well being through our fully remote “virtual” office environment, but this meant charting our own path and oftentimes learning the hard way.

In B Lab®, the nonprofit organization that developed the certification and standards for Certified B Corps, we found a guiding light that helped us to increase our environmental standards, create new company policies using best practices, and to establish community with fellow companies that share our values.

We quickly found that B Corp™ is to business what Fair Trade is to coffee or USDA Organic is to milk. With the B Corp™ logo on our products and website, we could tell the world that we have met a rigorous standard of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

B-coming Something New

We completed the B Impact Assessment in less than 6 months and as of May 2018 are proud to announce that Natural Force is both a certified B Corp™ as well as a legally recognized Benefit corporation.

We took the additional step of becomming a Benefit corporation to ensure that our mission would be “baked” into our corporate DNA, meaning that no matter who is on our board of directors or what shareholders we have, helping people to “live happier, healthier lives through quality nutrition while minimizing our impact on the planet” is part of our legal mandate and reason for existing.

Going B-yond

Being a B Corp™ means using business (and profit) as a force for good. When you see our company using the B Corp™ logo, it represents our “go beyond” approach to both business and life. It means that we operate our company in an honest, mission driven way. We do our best for the environment while being a leader to our vendors, customers and employees.

Going through the process of becoming a Certified B Corporation® helped us to improve our business and live up to an even higher standard than ever before. We were evaluated and scored on four major areas: Governance, Workers, Community and Environment.

This covers everything from how our company is organized, how we treat our employees, how we contribute to the community, and how we measure and manage the impact our business has on the environment.

As a B Corp:

Our employees can expect our company handbook, benefits and policies to be organized and competitive. Since becoming a B Corp™ we have already adopted a new paid Parental Leave Policy to support employees with new and growing families.

Our customers can trust that we are a company that cares about more than money. We are willing to continuously improve and to quantify that improvement through our B Lab® Impact Assessment score and annual benefit report (which will be posted on this very page.)

Our suppliers can expect strict attention to detail, with particular attention being paid to ingredient transparency and sourcing and our manufacturers can expect high standards for certifications and demand for eco-friendly labeling and packaging options.


We are always continuing to improve ourselves as a company and becoming a Certified B Corporation® is really just the beginning. We will use the B Lab® Impact Assessment to keep improving our score, pushing for even greater improvements in the years ahead. One example is our our vision to transition all of our products into eco-friendly packaging by 2020.

We see our mission driven foundation and value system as something that will be able to scale and grow as our company moves into the future. We plan to use our sucess as fuel to become better tomorrow than we are today. The way we see it, the more customers we have, the greater our ability to #BtheChange and have a positive, meaningful impact on the world.