11 Refreshing Real Food Recipes to Celebrate Summer

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to dust off your sun hat, slip on those sandals, and show off the beautiful bod you’ve worked so hard for!

But with the fun in the sun, comes the inevitable temptation of those summer treats – popsicles, ice cream cones, and yes, all those wine coolers. Instead of throwing in the towel on your clean eating habits this summer we have another idea: swap the sugar-filled snacks for real food refreshments!

With these 11 drool-worthy recipes from our talented Natural Force Instagram community, not only will you be fueling yourself with quality fats, clean proteins, and superfoods, but you’ll continue to feel like a goddess in your bikini all summer long!

11 Refreshing Recipes to Celebrate Summer

hand holding a stack of cashew coconut cups

Image courtesy of @summit_lady_food_

#1 Coconut Cashew Fat Cups

Say hello to these ridonculous Coconut Cashew Fat Cups from Spring Forces of Nature Tribe Member, Michelle (@summit_lady_food_)! Packed with Natural Force Collagen Peptides protein, these indulgent fat cups are stored in the freezer, so whenever you’re in need of a frozen chocolate treat, simply pull one out and enjoy!

golden milk protein smoothie on a counter top tablespoons cashews and spinach

Image courtesy of @spiritedbride

#2 Golden Vanilla Chai Smoothie

This gorgeous smoothie from @spiritedbride is the perfect way to crush your craving for a golden milk latte when it’s 100 degrees! Featuring Natural Force Vanilla Chai Organic Plant Protein, frozen spinach, and frozen cauliflower, this Golden Vanilla Chai Smoothie will leave you feeling energized and refreshed!

Image courtesy of @clementine.starbird

#3 Adaptogenic Horchata Chia Pudding with Immune-Boosting Medicinal Mushrooms

This beautiful Chia Pudding from Spring Forces of Nature Tribe Member, Cory (@clementine.starbird) is a nutritional powerhouse! Between the immune-boosting medicinal mushrooms and the Marine Collagen, this pudding will keep your body healthy and your skin flawless all summer long!

raspberry bliss balls in a white bowl

Image courtesy of @lexiborr

#4 Raw Vegan Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Balls

Looking for the perfect poolside snack? Look no further than these delightfully colorful Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Balls from Lexi (@lexiborr)! Containing MCT Oil, these balls don’t just look and taste great, they’ll actually fuel you through every round of pool volley ball that comes your way!

smoothie beside a bottle of natural force caramel emulsified mct oil

Image courtesy of @summit_lady_food_

#5 Creamy Caramel Cashew Smoothie

Who needs a sugar-packed Caramel Frappe when you can have this mouth-watering Creamy Caramel Cashew Smoothie from Michelle (@summit_lady_food_)?! Overflowing with real foods like almond milk, cashew butter, Natural Force Caramel Emulsified MCT Oil, banana, and even frozen cauliflower, this ice cream-like smoothie will satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar crash!

stack of pancakes with raspberries blueberries and coconut on a plate

Image courtesy of @clementine.starbird

#6 Grain-Free Banana Pancakes with a Maple Tahini Dizzle

We’ve got the perfect pairing for all those plump, perfectly ripe berries you bought that the farmer’s market this weekend – these delectable banana pancakes from Cory (@clementine.starbird). Including an out-of-this-world Maple Tahini Drizzle, this bright, fruity breakfast will start any summer morning off on a high note!

chocolate rice pudding in a white bowl

Image courtesy of @bad_to_the_bonebroth

#7 Protein-Packed Chocolate Maca Rice Pudding

Loaded with gut-healing Organic Chocolate Bone Broth Protein, this Chocolate Maca Rice Pudding from @bad_to_the_bonebroth is the perfect way to get your daily dose of bone broth this summer without breaking a sweat. Serve this rice pudding cold for a refreshing, flavorful superfood breakfast or even as a post-cookout dessert!

female hand holding a mason jar of blueberry vanilla smoothie

Image courtesy of @tiffanynapper

#8 Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

This delicious Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie from Tiffany of White Space + Wellness (@tiffanynapper) is the perfect pick-me-up for a day at the beach! Loaded with Natural Force Organic Vanilla Whey Protein, avocado, blueberry, spinach, and cauliflower, this nutritional powerhouse will not only fuel you for an action-packed day of sand castle construction and bobbing in the waves, but it’ll also cool you down and leave you feeling refreshed!

brownie batter parfait

Image courtesy of @clementine.starbird

#9 Brownie Batter Parfait aka “Protein Bar in a Jar”

In the thick of summer, firing up the stove for a hot breakfast is the last thing you want to do. Instead, start your morning with this brownie-licious protein parfait form Cory (@clementine.starbird) for a light and tasty, yet filling, breakfast!

sweet potato smoothie

Image courtesy of @servingupsimplicity

#10 Sweet Potato Smoothie

For a creamy, delicious protein smoothie containing Natural Force Organic Vanilla Whey Protein and high quality carbs from sweet potatoes, have a sip of this Sweet Potato Smoothie from @servingupsimplicity!

round plate with seven green matcha protein balls

Image courtesy of @tiffanynapper

#11 Matcha Protein Cake Bites

These delectable Matcha Protein Cake Bites from @tiffanynapper and @lexiborr are the perfect dessert solution if you’re avoiding the oven. Containing Organic Vanilla Whey Protein and matcha, these cake bites will satisfy your sweet your sweet tooth while helping you feel full so you don’t cave and eat those sugar bomb popsicles!   

Here’s to a healthy, happy summer!