5 Reasons To Love eMCT Oil

womans hand holding a coconut emct mini bottle and a chocolate emct mini bottle

There’s a lot to love about Emulsified MCT (eMCT) Oil. And starting August 1st for just 48 hours, there’s going to be one more thing to add to that list: our four eMCT flavors will be available exclusively to list members in convenient, travel-friendly 2oz bottles! (You can get on the list by signing up here!)

To celebrate, we’ve asked some of our favorite influencers, Forces of Nature tribe members, and our own team here at Natural Force to share what they love about eMCT Oil and their favorite ways to use it! Here we go!

1. Easy, Steady Energy

MCTs (or medium chain triglycerides) are pretty unique. Unlike other types of fat, MCTs are quickly converted into ketones, a powerful source of energy for both the body and brain, which can increase metabolism, enhance brain function, and support weight loss.

“I like that it’s a dairy-free creamer for my morning coffee and gives me enough brain energy that I can do half caf – half decaf so I don’t get the physical symptoms of too much caffeine.” – Julia Delves, Natural Force Digital Marketing Manager

“I’m a huge cold brew coffee fan, but man cannot live on cold brew alone. Adding a shot of eMCT to cold brew coffee provides a boost of quality fats that gives me energy for hours!” – Tony Federico, Natural Force VP of Marketing

“I love eMCT Oil because it helps fuel my day by providing focus and energy. Starting with MCT has become a way of life for me.” – Tiffany Napper, Natural Force Social Media Manager

woman sipping mug of coffee beside a 4 flavor variety pack of emct minis

2. High Quality Fat

No fillers or unnecessary additives here – just the good stuff! We can’t speak for all brands of eMCT, but Natural Force eMCT is made from organic, non-GMO project verified, expeller-pressed virgin coconut oil. Not only does that mean a high quality product for you, but the environmentally sustainable plantations we source our coconuts from are also good for the planet!

“For starters, MCT oil is full of healthy fats that serve as brain fuel. The brain needs clean healthy fats to function optimally, and MCT oil is one of the best sources of this type of clean, healthy fat. Due to its unique structure, it’s absorbed quick and utilized efficiently in the body.

Also, given that a large percentage of the human populate is either diabetic or pre-diabetic due to Western diet culture, it’s crucial to include fat and protein in every meal and snack to keep blood sugar curves even. MCT oil is a versatile way to add fat into the diet to prevent hunger, and also to keep blood sugar even.” – Jamie, @Reformation_Health

“I believe quality fats are an important part of a great diet. I consider myself pretty fat-adapted and try to limit a high amount of carbs on a regular basis. I love that Emulsified MCT makes it so convenient for me to get that energy boost anytime I have a cup of tea or a mug of coffee!” – Justin Quinn, Natural Force Co-Founder

3. Mixes With Just A Spoon

Unlike regular MCT Oil, which requires a blender to mix into coffee or other liquids, eMCT has undergone an emulsification process that allows it to mix easily with other water-soluble liquids like coffee or tea. That means all you need to mix eMCT into your favorite beverage is a spoon.

“I love emulsified MCT oil for iced coffee. Many MCT Oils, when added to iced drinks chunk up. Emulsified MCT mixes smoothly white still giving me the healthy fats!” – Alexis, @100KetoDays

“I love eMCT Oil because it saves me valuable time and energy (in fact, it gives me energy)! When I make my morning fat coffee with eMCT Oil, the only required equipment is a spoon. No blender required, which means my MCT coffee is ready in 5 seconds and I don’t have to wash a dirty blender!” – Ellen Jaworski, Natural Force Blog Manager

“I gravitate towards Emulsified MCT Oil because I love that it stirs right in and doesn’t leave an oily residue on top of my beverage!” – Tiffany Napper, Natural Force Social Media Manager

woman's hand putting natural force emct mini into a black purse

4. 2 oz eMCT minis are Perfect for Travel

With our limited edition eMCT minis, you can now fuel with MCTs wherever your adventures take you! Their small size means they fit easily in your purse, backpack, and of course, in your suitcase. And since they’re only 2oz, they’ll pass through TSA security so you can take them on the plane – no problem!

“I just love that you can take these with you wherever you go! It doesn’t matter whether you want a different flavor for the day, or if you are traveling (they are TSA-friendly), I can grab one of these and bring them with me.” – Justin Quinn, Natural Force Co-Founder

“I love Natural Force’s eMCT minis because they’re the ultimate solution to MCT coffee on the go! I used to travel with a 32oz bottle of MCT Oil and an electric frother so I could enjoy a mug of fat coffee whether I was at a campground or an Airbnb. But they took up valuable suitcase space and my frother was constantly breaking leaving me SOL. With these 2oz eMCT minis, however, I can now have fat coffee without the struggle! I just pour it into my coffee, stir, and it’s ready to drink! And the best part? These 2oz bottles are TSA-approved so I can travel with them in my carry on luggage!” – Ellen Jaworski, Natural Force Blog Manager

“I travel a lot, and usually by plane, so it’s a good nutrition “safety net” feeling of getting my usual habits and benefits when I often times can’t control other food or beverage options while traveling.” – Julia Delves, Natural Force Digital Marketing Manager

smiling woman holding bottles of min emulsified mct oil creamer

5. So Many Delicious Uses

Though eMCT Oil is popular as a delicious, dairy-free creamer, it can be used for far more than just coffee or tea. eMCT makes a tasty and nutritious addition to sparkling water, baked goods, and energy bites (to name a few).

“Definitely in a warm or iced coffee like this one with some cinnamon, adaptogens like Chaga or Pine Pollen, Collagen Peptides, and unsweetened nut milk. And ideally with a side of snuggles from my kitty, Niko.” – Jamie, @Reformation_Health

“I love to use it in a cold brew iced coffee. First cold brew your coffee over night. Then add 2 tbsp emulsified MCT Oil, 2 tbsp heavy cream, 2 tbsp Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup and ice. Mix and enjoy!” Alexis, @100KetoDays

“I just love the vanilla flavor in matcha and coffee!” – Tiffany Napper, Natural Force Social Media Manager.

“My favorite eMCT recipe is a basic cold brew almond milk latte. To make: Combine 4oz of cold brew concentrate and 4oz unsweetened almond milk in your favorite cup. Add 1 tbsp of eMCT. Stir. Sip. Goooooo!!!!!!!” – Tony Federico, Natural Force VP of Marketing

“I really dig adding some coconut flavor to an orange La Croix. One of my favorites!!” – Justin Quinn, Natural Force Co-Founder

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