9 Surprising Ways to Use MCT Oil

natural force mct oil surrounded by whole coconut shredded coconut and coconut flakes on a circular wood board

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A lot of people are drinking bulletproof coffee these days. And for good reason! Bulletproof coffee is full of energizing, brain-fueling healthy fats, including MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). MCT oil is a mainstay for people looking to shed fat and increase power and productivity. But what if you don’t drink coffee? Or if you’re simply looking for more ways to add energy boosting, fat burning MCTs into your diet?


  • MCT oil is flavorless: Even though our MCT oil is made from 100% pure organic coconut oil, MCT oil is flavorless, so it works well in any dish without adding any coconut flavor.
  • Combines well with other supplements: MCT oil combines well with collagen peptides, whey protein, and bone broth protein. Together, the fats and proteins make a nutrient-dense food source that will keep you full and energized for hours.
  • The most thing solid about MCT oil is its health benefits: MCT oil won’t turn solid at room temperature or in the fridge, so you never have to melt it before using it in a recipe.



How to USE MCT Oil

  • Blend it. Regular MCT oil needs to be blended into beverages in a high-speed blender or electric whisk. Otherwise, MCT oil will float right to the top of your drink. If you prefer not to blend your beverages, try an emulsified MCT oil, which will mix completely into beverages with no blending.
  • Cook with it. MCTs are best kept under 350°F, just like regular coconut oil. Anything above that will start to damage the fats. That won’t hurt you, but it will make the powers of MCT oil a little less potent.
  • Drizzle it. Adding small amounts of MCTs to any food will add some healthy fats, plus make the flavors pop! Read on for even more innovative ways to add these healthy fats to your diet.

There are so many exciting ways to add more MCTs to your diet, but if you’re just getting started with MCT oil, there is such a thing as “too much.” Check out this post for some tips on how and when to take MCTs.


9 Surprising Ways to Use MCT Oil

avocado lemon lime natural force mct oil and energy boosting mct green goddess dressing on a wooden counter top1. Energy-Boosting MCT Green Goddess Salad Dressing

From basic oil and vinegar to our Energy-Boosting MCT Green Goddess Salad Dressing, choose MCT oil over (or in addition to) olive oil or avocado oil to turn your salad into a fat-burning meal.

2. Roasting Veggies

You can use MCT oil with your roasted vegetables in one of two ways: Roast your vegetables at 350°F or lower with lots of MCT oil, or use a little avocado oil to roast them at a higher temperature, and drizzle MCT oil on them before serving – this way you don’t have to worry about damaging the fat.
mug of dairy free keto coffee in front of natural force collagen peptides and natural force mct oil

3. Energizing MCT Keto Coffee

Is the thought of your morning coffee the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning? This recipe for Energizing MCT Keto Coffee, with MCT oil and collagen peptides, will take your morning to the next level. The healthy fats and protein will keep you going strong with no post-coffee crash.

4. As a Pre-Workout Supplement

Your body uses MCTs differently than other fats. In fact, they process as quickly as sugar, but won’t turn into fat like excess sugar does. This is amazing news if you’re looking for quick, clean pre-workout fuel without any fullness or spikes and dips in blood sugar. Blend a teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of MCTs in your organic pre-workout drink for even more energy.

Smoothie bowl containing a teal colored smoothie topped with blueberries coconut bee pollen and kiwi on a white linen background with blueberries coconut flakes and kiwi5. Beauty-Boosting Mermaid Smoothie Bowl

You can add MCTs to any smoothie, but our popular Beauty-Boosting Mermaid Smoothie Bowl is a delicious and complete meal in a bowl. Get a well-rounded, slightly sweet meal with all the fruits, veggies, protein, superfood greens, and MCTs you’ll need to power through your day.

6. Sautéing veggies or protein

MCT oil is also great for sautéing your vegetables, tempeh, or steak. Keep the heat at medium-high or lower to see all of the benefits. Or, drizzle on afterward to avoid any possible damage from the heat.

7. Add to your morning oatmeal

Oatmeal is a delicious and heart-healthy breakfast, but sometimes it can leave you feeling sleepy and hungry a few hours later. Adding a little MCT oil can help your body process those carbohydrates more slowly so you get energy and a fiber-rich meal.

fit woman with blond chair looking down at a mug of mood-boosting vanilla matcha latte8. Mood-Boosting Vanilla MCT Matcha Latte

Don’t drink coffee? You can get the energy and antioxidant benefits of keto coffee from keto matcha. Try our delicious Mood-Boosting Vanilla MCT Matcha Latte recipe!

pile of almond butter bark with coconut flakes and chocolate drizzle

image courtesy of lexiborr.net

9. Desserts and breakfast treats  

Substitute MCT for other oils when you bake! It’s also perfect in desserts that go in the freezer – like fudge made from MCT, honey, almond butter, and vanilla. MCT oil will solidify when you freeze it, but it melts quickly in your mouth. Try this delectable MCT Oil Almond Butter Bark from Lexi Borr’s BirdFood blog!


Natural Force MCT oil is always made from 100% pure coconut oil harvested from sustainable coconut farms, making it one of the highest quality MCT oils on the market. Have a favorite MCT oil recipe to share? Please post it in the comments below. Thanks for reading!natural force 100% pure coconut mct oil banner with natural force mct oil bottle



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