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ur subscription program is now live and is just for you! Sign up and order a little or a lot of our great BS Free® Training Supplements and have them automatically shipped to your doorstep at a frequency you prefer!

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Q: Can I cancel my order anytime?
Yes, you can cancel your order anytime.

Q: How do I manage my subscription?
Your subscription is fully manageable! You can change the shipping frequency, view and skip upcoming orders, update your address, update your shipping method, increase or decrease product quantities, and update your credit card information. To manage your subscription, simply log into your account and click “Manage Subscriptions”.

Q: What if I checkout with a subscription and didn’t previously have an account on your site?
Good question. If you checkout with a subscription and did not have an account previously on our site, then you need to simply create an account with the same email you used during checkout. Once you do this, log in and click “Manage Subscriptions” and the subscription order will be there.

Q: Can I have regular one-time only purchases and subscriptions in the same cart?
Yes! You can add any combination of regular one-time purchases and Subscription orders to your cart. The subscription items will be clearly marked as discounted, and at which frequency they will deliver. If you have a combination of these in your cart, your first order will come in one shipment, and subsequent subscription items will be shipped at the frequency you indicated.

Q: Can I add more items to an existing subscription?
Absolutely. Simply log into your account. Once you are logged in, navigate to the product you would like to add and select the subscription option. An additional button will appear that says “Add to Existing Subscription”. From there you will be able to choose the subscription you want to add to.

Q: Can I have multiple subscriptions coming at different times?
Sure! Just complete a new separate checkout for whichever items you want at a different frequency. This will create a new subscription. For example, you may have two subscriptions in your account. The first is for Raw Tea, Iskiate Endurance, and Recovery Nectar, which comes every month. Then you may have another subscription for Organic Whey, which comes every 2 weeks.

Q: I still have more questions, is there someone I can contact?
You bet. Shoot us an email at and get an answer from our dedicated support staff.


We do not accept returns for subscription orders under any circumstances. If you are ordering a subscription of a product it is inherently understood you have already tried said product and intend on securing an excellent ongoing discount, not to abuse it for a single purchase. Keep in mind, subscription orders may be cancelled at any time without incurring a penalty. Once a subscription order has been cancelled, you will not be billed for or shipped future orders for that subscription. Any current orders already in place prior to cancellation are non-refundable.