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Stress-Fighting Cordyceps Coffee Smoothie (Paleo, Vegetarian, Keto*)

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Containing the powerful stress-fighting adaptogen, Cordyceps, this satisfying Cordyceps Coffee Smoothie is the perfect way to kick start your morning and lay the foundation for a calm, productive day! read more…

5 Tricks to Make a Silky-Smooth Protein Shake Every Time

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Protein shakes are supposed to be convenient. So, it’s no wonder you get frustrated when your protein powder doesn’t mix into a perfectly creamy drink or – worse – contains giant chewy clumps. Luckily, we have you covered. Read on for best practices in getting the smoothest protein shake, every time. read more…

Craving-Crushing Chocolate Almond Butter Whey Protein Smoothie (Paleo, Vegetarian, Keto*)

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Featuring 20g of the highest quality organic, grass-fed chocolate whey protein and clean, healthy fats like almond butter and avocado, this simple Chocolate Almond Butter Whey Protein Smoothie will not only kick your cravings to curb, but leave you feeling pleasantly full and satisfied! read more…

Fat-Burning Whey Protein Breakfast Smoothie (Paleo, Vegetarian*)

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Packed with 38 grams of complete protein, high quality fats from avocado and almond butter, and more than 2 cups of fruits and veggies, this nutrient-dense, 5 minute breakfast will supercharge your morning with long-lasting energy, a clear, focused mind, a happy gut, and, it’ll even help you burn fat! read more…

The 30 Second Organic Vanilla Protein Shake (Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian)

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Complete with 20 grams of highly bioavailable organic protein and just 1g (or less) of naturally occurring sugar, this 30-Second Organic Vanilla Protein Shake is not only ultra convenient, but it will blast hunger, burn fat, and fuel you with steady energy so you can maximize your productivity and crush your day! read more…

Beauty-Boosting Mermaid Smoothie Bowl (Keto, Paleo)

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Our Beauty-Boosting Mermaid Smoothie Bowl is low-carb, low-sugar, keto-friendly, and loaded with some of the most nutrient rich ingredients on the planet. read more…