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Boost Coordination, Release Endorphins, and Gain Confidence in a Way You Never Thought

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Want to feel good, walk down the street with swagger, AND get into great shape? If so, you might want to consider "dropping it like it's hot" a few times a week. read more…

Lose Weight, Improve Memory, and Feel Better: The Secret Benefits of Sleep

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Sleeping more (increased sleep quantity) and sleeping better (increased sleep quality) can pay dividends in big ways, such as improving memory, weight maintenance, and mood. read more…

Self Awareness: Taking Your Mental Wellbeing to the Next Level

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Unlike it's more formal cousin meditation, mindfulness does not require following a structured program, or school of thought, but it can still provide you with powerful benefits. read more…

Neurohacking though Movement: The Mental Benefits of Exercise

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While the superficial adaptations to exercise manifest slowly, and over an extended period of time, the mental benefits of exercise kick in immediately, so you can start experiencing them right away! read more…

Beating MS through Diet: Interview with Dr. Terry Wahls

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Interview of Dr. Terry Wahls, author of the books “The Wahls Protocol” and “The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life”. Dr. Wahls reversed her MS through diet and her TED talk “Minding Your Mitochondria” has received over 2 million views on YouTube. read more…

Between Food and Supplements: A Story of Thriving in Today’s Nutritional Environment

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It wasn’t until the mid 20th century that vitamin and mineral supplements first began to appear on store shelves. Prior to this time, whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and animal products were the only reliable sources of nutrients. read more…

Evolve Beyond Dieting: A Roadmap To Achieving Nutritional Zen

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What if I told you that there was a way to cut through the confusion and get right to the meat (and vegetables) of the matter? It might sound too good to be true, but there is a way. It's something I call Nutritional Zen, and although it's not a "quick fix" I think you’ll find that it comes naturally and stays with you for a lifetime. read more…