Our Story

joseph rakoski and justin quinn standing in front of their natural force booth at natural products expo east in 2015

Hi there! We are Joseph Rakoski and Justin Quinn, two individuals with a passion for clean living and challenging the status quo.

We started this brand with a simple, shared belief…

Supplements should be good for you.

In the Beginning…

We started Natural Force® in 2009 out of our college dorm rooms. Both of us had a penchant for working out, eating clean, and training hard. One day while at the university gym, we began our routine of mixing up the conventional pre-workout “bubble-bath,” looked down, and realized that this neon-colored liquid couldn’t be good for us. We thought that there had to be something better out there, and searched high and low for a “natural” pre-workout. We couldn’t find one.

original bottle of natural force pre-workout formula sitting in a bed of leaves in the woods

With that, Natural Force was born.

We were off on our journey to create the cleanest pre-workout on the planet, made entirely from herbs and whole foods. Our original “Natural Pre-Workout Formula” (which we now call Raw Tea) launched soon after, featuring 15 herbs and superfoods, and nothing else. Just pure, clean, functional ingredients. It didn’t taste great at first, but we quickly dialed that in. 😉

Digging Deep…

Now that we had a product, we needed a way to sell it. Luckily, Joe had a graphic designer for a cousin who helped us build a basic website.  Before we knew it, we were getting together every night to pack up our daily orders for customers all across the country (and even Australia!)

We were firm in our conviction that there were even more people out there looking for the type of products we were creating, so we toiled away, releasing a full line of BS FREE® Performance Supplements. Each and every one of our products was carefully handcrafted and intelligently designed to deliver superior performance for a specific purpose, without using any artificial colors, sweeteners, or unnecessary fillers. Our new Performance line was a hit and we knew we were on to something big.

Eventually, we got so busy that we started working on the business full-time. We dug deep and learned everything we could to create the best company possible, always remembering our original mantra: that supplements should be good for you.

original bottles of vanilla and chocolate flavor natural force organic whey sitting on a wood board in a field of grass

Never satisfied, we both decided to challenge the supplement industry status quo in a new way: everyday nutrition. We saw that most whey protein supplements were just as bad as our old pre-workout and felt like we had the opportunity to truly “go beyond.” We searched all over the country, and finally found what we were looking for: organic whey, sourced exclusively from grass fed pasture raised Jersey cows, produced in small batches at family-owned farms in California.

Since those early days, we have continued to expand our product catalog into a full line of clean proteins, quality fats, and superfood blends. We have grown our team to feature some of the most skilled and hardest-working individuals in the space and built our tribe of loyal customers.

All of this planted the roots of where we are now, and set the stage for what is yet to come.

Looking forward…

We will leave you with this:

This business isn’t just out to make a profit.

We do this, day-in, and day-out because we legitimately care about helping people transform their lives through nutrition.

Our customers are what keep us up late into the night, publishing that one last piece of educational content.

They drive us to continually perfect our products until we have found the best possible ingredients known to man; And if we can’t find them, we make them.

We do all that, and then we put it in the most sustainable packaging we can, to have a minimal impact on this earth we live on.

This isn’t just a business we have created, it’s a movement.

You, as our customer, are the real hero in this story.

Every time you purchase one of our products, you care for yourself and care for the planet.

The people behind Natural Force are just like you. We care about the same things and share the same struggles. You can absolutely feel good about supporting this company…

because we built it for you.

We hope you will join us on this journey to write the rest of the story.

In health,