The Best Coffee in the World

We believe that nothing beats a good cup of coffee, but what many people don’t know is that most coffee is contaminated with pesticides, mold, and other toxins. This is why we set out to make the best coffee in the world, one that is crafted for health from the start.

Mycotoxin Free Coffee starts with Specialty Grade Beans

Clean Coffee starts with single origin, hand-picked, specialty grade, and organically grown Arabica coffee beans. The beans are then tested to ensure that they are free of fungus, mycotoxins like Ochratoxin A, insect damage, and other imperfections.

After harvesting, we store the beans in temperature-controlled warehouses to prevent mold growth. Clean Coffee is then roasted in a smokeless machine that simultaneously reduces harmful compounds like acrylamide while boosting beneficial compounds like the super antioxidant chlorogenic acid.

Why Low Toxin Coffee Matters

Mycotoxins like Ochratoxin A can damage the body by causing oxidative stress to mitochondria (the microscopic engines that power our cells), disrupting protein synthesis, and promoting DNA changes that may increase the chance of developing cancer. Symptoms of mycotoxin exposure include:

  • Brain fog
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Recurring infections
  • Memory problems

For more information about the negative effects of coffee mold and mycotoxins check out our blog posts on the subject.

Health Benefits of Coffee

By eliminating unhealthy mold and mycotoxins and boosting antioxidants like CGA, we allow the health benefits of coffee to truly shine! These benefits may include:

  • Increased energy and focus
  • Boosted metabolism and weight loss support
  • Improved heart and liver health
  • Reduced risk of cognitive decline
  • Protection against type II diabetes
  • Defense against cancers of the liver, skin, and prostate

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The Best Clean Coffee Recipes

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