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Pure Omega-3
Pure Omega-3
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Pure Omega-3

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    Natural Force® Pure Omega-3 is a mercury free fish oil sourced from wild caught Menhaden fish off the coast of Virginia. Rich in quality fats like EPA, DHA, and DPA, benefits include reduced inflammation, improved cognitive function, and enhanced general wellbeing. It is the best tasting lemon fish oil on the market and can be taken off the spoon, used in salad dressing, or added to smoothies.

    Benefits of DPA in Omega 3 Supplements

    Over time, EPA and DHA have been deemed the omega 3 superstars when it comes to health benefits, but recent research shows that a new omega 3 fat is the key. DPA is the polyunsaturated fatty acid in between EPA and DHA that can boost the health benefits of omega 3 fats by 22%! DPA is highly anti-inflammatory so can improve arthritis, enhance memory, balance mood, lower cholesterol, and support cardiovascular health.

    Is There Mercury in Fish Oil? Here's What to Look Out For.

    In short, there can be. When fish oil supplements are poorly sourced there may be mercury, as well as other toxins such as PCBs and dioxins. It is important to look for fish oil supplements sourced from wild-caught small fish who feed close to the surface of the water, such as Menhaden fish. Being a small fish means they're low on the food chain and are less likely to accumulate heavy metals and toxins like larger predatory fish, such as salmon or tuna. Using the purse-seine fishing method is also highly effective at reducing bycatch, the accidental capture of other marine life, and keeping the ocean healthy.

    One quick trick is to look for the Friends of the Sea logo! This certification powerfully communicates and independently verifies a commitment to the environment and sustainability to consumers worldwide.

    How to Avoid Rancid Fish Oil

    To process the oil, look for a supplement that has been molecularly distilled to remove impurities and then stored in a BPA free amber colored glass bottle to block UV damage. Ingredients such as rosemary extract and mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) are beneficial to preserve freshness and avoid rancidity. Finally, always buy a fish oil supplement that has been 3rd party tested for rancidity and toxins.

    Care For Yourself, Care For the Planet

    When we set out to create Pure Omega-3, we searched high and low for a fish oil supply that met these values. We wanted to find a fish oil that was not only clean and of the highest quality, but that was also sourced and harvested in a sustainable, ecologically sound way. 

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