Keto Coffee Creamer: How to Choose the Best Creamer for Ketosis

Trying to choose the best keto coffee creamer to help you get in and stay in ketosis? Look for a coffee creamer that contains high-quality MCTs, is free of artificial ingredients and sugars, mixes easily, has great flavor, and of course, is Keto Certified. With a top-notch keto coffee creamer like this, you'll enjoy a morning brew that boosts your ketone production and provides steady energy without sacrificing the creamy, rich texture you love!

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How a Ketogenic Creamer Will Help You Get Into and Stay In Ketosis

Americans love their morning cup of coffee. So much so, over 50% of Americans over the age of 18 are drinking the caffeinated beverage every single day. And with good reason! High-quality coffee can be an antioxidant powerhouse, so why not take it one step further with a brain-boosting keto creamer that is chocked full of healthy fats?

Contrary to popular belief, fats are not the enemy! In fact, quality fats can fight inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, and even fight heart disease.

But there is one certain kind of fat that is the most ketogenic-friendly fat around: they're called medium-chain triglycerides, also known as MCTs. MCTs are high-quality fats that fuel your metabolism, sharpen your mental focus, and promote a healthier microbiome.

The best part? These powerful fats can make a creamy and bold flavored coffee creamer, all while keeping your body in a state of ketosis!

Add MCTs to your morning coffee and you’ll not only fight brain fog and sluggishness, but you’ll also curb your appetite, giving you that clear focus and steady energy you’re after (yes, even after the dreaded 2pm slump!).

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Keto Coffee Creamer

Not all keto coffee creamers are created equally. When choosing a creamer that’s right for you, be sure to choose a high-quality creamer that doesn’t sacrifice taste. Here’s what to look out for:

1. Contains MCTs

MCTs in keto coffee creamers are key! Given the number of health benefits these quality fats provide, adding them into your coffee daily will fuel your energy and productivity, while burning through fat.

2. Quality Ingredients

A keto coffee creamer with quality ingredients is also important. Consume a creamer with anything artificial or synthetic and you run the risk of canceling out the powerful health benefits of MCTs! As a tip: always choose a creamer that is free of palm oil and anything artificial.

3. Sugar Free

Many coffee creamers on the market today are loaded with sugars that can ruin the health benefits of your coffee while giving you that dreaded sugar crash at 2pm. What’s more? A creamer containing sugar can potentially push you out of ketosis! So choose keto coffee creamers that are sugar free and keto friendly.

4. Mixes Easily

For some, preparing coffee is truly an art! Creamers can play a special role in perfecting a cup of coffee for many people, therefore, a creamer that mixes easily is always an added bonus to enhance your cup, especially while on-the-go.

5. Great Flavor

It goes without saying, but the last thing you want to do is brew the perfect tasting cup of coffee, only to have it ruined by an off-putting or artificial tasting creamer. When you choose a high-quality creamer that meets the above criteria, a creamy and bold flavor typically comes along with it!

6. Look for the Keto Certified Seal

This one is a no brainer! When you have a keto product that specifically says it is ‘Keto Certified,’ you can trust that you are getting a product perfect for the ketogenic diet.

Now that we’ve given you some criteria for choosing the best keto coffee creamer, you’re probably asking yourself, “Which keto coffee creamer can I use that includes all of these qualities?

We have an answer for you: Natural Force Creamy MCT Oil! Made with organic MCT oil and free from any unnecessary added fillers, our creamer is unsweetened, non-dairy, mixes easily, is Keto Certified, and SO much more. Plus, with delicious flavors like Caramel and Vanilla, great taste is guaranteed!

The MCTs in Creamy MCT Oil will give you lasting energy and sharpen focus, keeping you in ketosis, and giving you the fuel you need to tackle your day head on!

Simply pour and stir Creamy MCT Oil into your brew and then drink - no blenders or mixers required! How simple is that? The indulgently creamy texture will blow you away, instantly becoming something you look forward to putting into your coffee every single day!


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