Shopping Keto at Costco: 45+ of Our Best Keto Groceries and Snacks

Did you know that there's a treasure trove of keto foods waiting to be discovered at your local Costco? It's true! With this grocery shopping guide, you'll discover many of Costco's hidden keto gems including protein bars, frozen dinners, monk fruit sweetener, and more, so you can stock up, and keep your keto diet as delicious and cost-effective as possible!

In this guide you will discover:

How to Use This Guide

To make your shopping experience as efficient as possible, this guide is organized by food department. Under each department category, we've highlighted the keto items you'll find in that section of Costco, as well as other keto-friendly foods, so can use this one guide to maximize your keto discoveries!

boxes of earth bound farms organic spring mix a keto food at costco

Fresh Produce

Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix

  • 20 calories; 0g fat; 2g net carbs; 2g protein
Other Keto-Friendly Foods:
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Chard
  • Kale
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Squash
  • Asparagus
  • Bell peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Cabbage
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries

keto foods at costco a package of paleo sausages beside a bag of kirkland grass-fed beef patties

Meat & Seafood

Cuisine Solutions Sliced Grass-fed Beef Sirloin

  • 130 calories; 5g fat; 0g net carbs; 21g protein

WestEnd Cuisine Grilled Mediterranean Style Chicken Skewers

  • 150 calories; 4g fat; 3g net carbs; 24g protein

Foppen Hot Smoked Salmon

  • 140 calories; 9g fat; 1g net carbs; 14g protein

Sabatino's Paleo Organic Basil & Cracked Black Pepper

  • 160 calories; 9g fat; 1g net carbs; 16g protein

Teton Waters Ranch 100% Grass-fed Beef Cooked Uncured Polish Sausage

  • 230 calories; 20g fat; 1g net carbs; 11g protein

Tru Grill Grilled Chicken Strips

  • 110 calories; 2.5g fat; 0g net carbs; 22g protein

Other Keto-Friendly Foods:

  • Bacon
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Bison
  • Eggs
  • Wild fatty fish
  • Deli meat

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keto foods at costco 4505 chicharrones beside cello whisps

Pantry & Canned Goods


    Kirkland Almond Flour Blanched

    • 180 calories; 15g fat; 2g net carbs; 6g protein

    Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener Classic

    • 0 calories; 0g fat; 4g net carbs; 0g protein

    Carrington Farms Organic Ghee Clarified Butter Grass-fed

    • 130 calories; 14g fat; 0g net carbs; 0g protein

    Kirkland Signature Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    • 130 calories; 15g fat; 0g net carbs; 0g protein

    Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk Unsweetened

    • 130 calories; 13g fat; 1g net carbs; 1g protein

    Silk Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla

    • 30 calories; 2.5g fat; 1g net carbs; 1g protein


    Kirkland Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts

    • 230 calories; 24g fat; 2g net carbs; 2g protein

    Kirkland Protein Bar Variety Pack (Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)

    • 190 calories; 7g fat; 7g net carbs; 21g protein

        Cello Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps

        • 150 calories; 10g fat; 1g net carbs; 13g protein

        Kirkland Organic Creamy Almond Butter

        • 210 calories; 18g fat; 4g net carbs; 6g protein

        NuttZo Organic Power Fuel Crunchy

        • 180 calories; 15g fat; 5g net carbs; 6g protein

        Kirkland Signature Mixed Nut Butter with Seeds

        • 200 calories; 16g fat; 4g net carbs; 7g protein

        4505 Chicharrones Fried Pork Rinds Classic Chili & Salt

        • 80 calories; 5g fat; 0g net carbs; 9g protein


        Lono Life Savory Chicken Bone Broth

        • 50 calories; 0g fat; 3g net carbs; 10g protein

        Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth Chicken Unsalted

        • 45 calories; .5g fat; 0g net carbs; 9g protein

        Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock

        • 10 calories; 0g fat; 0g net carbs; 2g protein

        Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Dressing & Marinade Lemon Garlic

        • 130 calories; 14g fat; 1g net carbs; 0g protein

        Chosen Foods Traditional Mayo

        • 100 calories; 11g fat; 0g net carbs; 0g protein

          Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts

          • 180 calories; 15g fat; 0g net carbs; 10g protein

          Nature's Intent Organic Chia Seeds

          • 150 calories; 9g fat; 3g net carbs; 5g protein

          Kirkland Signature Wild Alaska Pink Salmon Boneless & Skinless

          • 80 calories; 1.5g fat; 0g net carbs; 17g protein

          Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna

          • 100 calories; 2.5g fat; 0g net carbs; 21g protein

            Other Keto-Friendly Foods:

            • Avocado oil
            • Olive oil
            • MCT Oil
            • Canned Vegetables
            • Canned Chicken
            • Raw or Dry Roasted Almonds
            • Raw or Dry Roasted Cashews
            • Raw or Dry Roasted Brazil nuts
            • Raw or Dry Roasted Pecans
            • Raw or Dry Roasted Walnuts
            • Raw or Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
            • Flax seeds
            • Sesame seeds

            keto foods at costco a special k frozen crustless quiche package beside a bag of green giant organic riced cauliflower

            Frozen Foods

            Special K Crustless Quiche (Sausage, Quinoa, Peppers, Mozzarella & Asiago)

            • 310 calories; 22g fat; 3g net carbs; 24g protein

            Green Giant Organic Riced Cauliflower

            • 20 calories; 0g fat; 2g net carbs; 2g protein

            True Fare Savory Tender Beef Frozen Dinner

            • 220 calories; 12g fat; 9g net carbs; 19g protein

            Kirkland Signature 100% Grass-fed Beef Patties 1/3 lb

            • 380 calories; 30g fat; 0g net carbs; 26g protein

            Other Keto-Friendly Foods:

            • Frozen vegetables
            • Frozen seafood
            • Frozen meat 

            keto foods at costco a bag of fresh mozzarella snacking cheese beside a box of kerrygold irish butter

            Refrigerated Foods

            A La Carte Organic Spaghetti Squash

            • 90 calories; 7g fat; 6g net carbs; 1g protein

            King Cheese Spirella Minis

            • 30 calories; 2.5g fat; 1g net carbs; 1g protein

            Good Foods Tableside Chunky Guacamole

            • 80 calories; 7g fat; 2g net carbs; 1g protein

            Good Foods Organic Avocado Mash

            • 90 calories; 8g fat; 1g net carbs; 1g protein

            Kirkland Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs

            • 68 calories; 4g fat; 0g net carbs; 6g protein

            Land O Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream

            • 50 calories; 5g fat; 0g net carbs; 0g protein

            Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter

            • 100 calories; 11g fat; 0g net carbs; 0g protein

            BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Snacking Cheese

            • 70 calories; 5g fat; 1g net carbs; 5g protein

            Other Keto-Friendly Foods:

            • Pastured butter
            • Cheese
            • Cream cheese
            • Heavy cream
            • Butter
            • Mascarpone

            keto cookbooks at costco


            The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse by Maria Emmerich

            The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre

            The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Jen Fisch

            The Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Amanda C. Hughes

            Keto Comfort Foods by Maria Emmerich


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