Best MCT Oil for Keto: Boost Ketones & Energy with Pure C8 MCTs

Is there a best MCT oil for keto? MCT oil that’s rich in C8 (caprylic acid) is the top choice for keto dieters because it’s more easily broken down and converted into ketones than the other MCT fractions, helping you get into ketosis faster and stay there longer. On top of that, C8 MCT is particularly beneficial for weight loss, appetite suppression, and mental clarity.

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What is C8 MCT Oil?

As its name suggests, C8 MCT oil is medium chain triglyceride oil is that is made exclusively from C8 MCTs (also known as caprylic acid). Most MCT oils contain a combination of MCTs, mainly C8, C10, and C12, so C8 MCT Oil is purified one step further to concentrate the keto-friendly C8 MCTs.

Technically speaking, the main difference between C8 and the other MCT fractions is in the number of carbons that make up the molecule. C8 contains 8 carbons, C10 contains 10 carbons, and so on. Though this may seem insignificant, this difference gives each MCT fraction specialized benefits.

C8, in particular, is especially beneficial for a number of reasons:

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Is C8 MCT Oil Healthy?

Yes, C8 MCT oil is very healthy. To begin with, C8 MCT oil is a completely natural product derived from coconuts. The manufacturing process is also very minimal. For standard MCT oil to become C8 MCT oil, it is simply distilled further until only the C8 MCTs remain.

While MCT is already an incredibly nutritious oil, a targeted MCT oil that’s rich in C8 packs a higher concentration of C8's powerful benefits:

Antibacterial: C8 has powerful antibacterial properties, which may fight infections and boost immunity thanks to its antimicrobial caprylic acid. One study proved that this MCT was effective at inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria that cause systemic infections in the body.

Reduces inflammation: C8 MCT oil can also dramatically reduce inflammation in the gut. It’s able to lower inflammatory C-reactive protein levels in the body, while its antibacterial properties boost gut health, making it especially beneficial for anyone dealing with leaky gut or even casual indigestion issues.

Energy-boosting: C8’s short molecules allow for rapid absorption and conversion into ketones that become a long-lasting energy source.

C8 MCT Oil Helps You Get into Ketosis Faster

Compared to the other MCT fractions, C8 is very easy to digest. Within minutes of consuming, it makes its way to the liver where it's quickly converted into ketones, making it keto dieter’s dream. If you're new to keto, this boost of ketones can be enough to help put your blood ketone levels in that coveted sweet spot of ketosis, or if you're already in ketosis, it can help you boost your ketone levels even further.

C8 MCT Rapidly Converts to Energy

One of the biggest benefits of MCT oil is that it rapidly boosts energy and this is largely due to the C8’s ketone-producing ability.

When the body is lacking glucose, its usual energy source, it starts fueling with ketones. This is good because ketones are proven to be a more efficient energy source than glucose. Think of glucose as a gas-guzzling Hummer while ketones are the energy-efficient Teslas. In other words, ketones are uniquely able to provide a stable, sustainable source of energy without the productivity-wrecking crashes or slumps.

Even for those who don’t follow the keto diet, ketones can still benefit the body by suppressing the appetite and initiating a mild state of ketosis during moments of strenuous exercise and fasting. 

C8 is the Best MCT Oil for Weight Loss

With pure C8 MCT oil, your body is able to use calories faster than it could with regular coconut or MCT oil. This is due to C8’s ability to produce more fat-burning ketones, which are able to oxidize excess fat in the body.

C8 MCT oil can also boost weight loss by improving overall digestive health and increasing energy expenditure (instead of being stored as fat, the body is able to use more of what it consumes as energy).

C8 MCT Boosts Mental Clarity

Did you know that the brain is made primarily of fat? 60% to be exact. The brain needs healthy fat to function, so it makes sense why adding C8 MCT oil to your morning coffee would be beneficial for optimizing cognitive functions.

Since your brain can’t store energy, it’s constantly looking for a steady stream of energy to take in. For most people, that comes from blood glucose, but when blood sugar is low, the liver breaks down stored body fat to produce ketones.

Unfortunately, the body can’t produce enough ketones to be used as its primary energy source until carbohydrate intake is drastically lessened. Lowering carb intake by following the keto diet can put the body into a state of metabolic stress (aka ketosis), which allows the liver to start shuffling ketones into the bloodstream and increasing the production of mitochondria (energy-creating, powerhouse cells) in the brain. One study found that the increase in ketones also increased the levels of mitochondria in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that’s responsible for memory, development, and learning. 

To give your body a healthy boost of ketones, try taking a supplement of C8 MCT oil. C8 can cross through your blood-brain barrier to help your body get into ketosis and provide a quality source of fat to supercharge clarity and focus while improving memory and mental stamina. 

C8 MCT is a Powerful Keto Appetite Suppressant

As if you need another reason to love C8 MCT, it can also regulate your hunger hormones that control appetite and signal your brain when you feel full.

Studies show that C8 MCT can suppress food intake up to 50% by lowering the number of triglycerides and glucose in the body and increasing the levels of the hormone leptin, to help you feel more satisfied.


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