How to Use Whey Protein: 9 Easy Recipe Ideas to Get You Started

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Whey protein is one of the most studied protein powder supplements on the market, known mostly for supporting muscle building and fat loss. Whey protein is also super easy to digest and contains little to no lactose, the dairy sugar that can cause digestive distress in people with lactose intolerance. This makes whey a powerful protein supplement that almost anyone can add to their diet.

If you’re looking for more ways to get clean, easily digestible protein into your day, read on! We’ve figured out some surprising ways to pack your meals with protein to keep you feeling fuller longer.

9 Delicious Ways to Use Whey Protein

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#1 Low-Carb Vanilla Protein Shake with Organic Whey Protein

Smoothies are the go-to way to get your protein powder in, but smoothies on repeat can become a drag. If your go-to smoothie recipe is getting you down, try this Low-Carb Vanilla Protein Shake with Organic Whey Protein. It’s simple, packed with 20 grams of bioavailable protein, and you can shake it up in 30 seconds or less. Great for on-the-go nutrition that tastes just like a vanilla milkshake.

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Image courtesy of Michelle, @summit_lady_food_

#2 Green Breakfast Smoothie with Collagen Peptides and Organic Whey Protein

This powerful Green Breakfast Smoothie with Collagen Peptides and Organic Whey Protein is perfect as a meal replacement any time of day or a muscle-building post-workout snack. It’s packed with protein, functional fat from avocado and almond butter, and more than two cups of vegetables and low-sugar fruit to boost phytonutrients while keeping your blood sugar stable. Healthy fats, fiber, and ample protein will keep you full for hours. It’s also quick to prepare and super easy on your digestion. For another superfood and veggie-packed whey protein smoothie, check out this recipe (pictured above) from Spring 2018 Forces of Nature Tribe member, Michelle of @summit_lady_food_!

#3 Protein Pancakes

Substitute flour for whey protein in your next batch of pancakes for a high-protein, low-carb version of your favorite breakfast. To keep sugar low, top with whipped coconut cream and berries. Ditching the sugar and processed carbs for a higher protein breakfast will keep you full for hours and keep blood sugar and mood steady. You’ll never go back to wheat and syrup!

#4 Energy Balls

If you haven’t made a batch of protein-packed mint chocolate energy balls, stop everything and go buy the ingredients! High fat, high protein, low-carb snacks are the #1 secret to sustainable fat loss, energy, and higher cognitive function. Keeping 3-4 of these on you at all times for hunger emergencies. You’ll be shocked at how well smash sugar cravings and keep you full until your next meal. In this recipe, sub the plant protein for whey.

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#5 Blend Into Coffee

Coffee is full of brain-boosting polyphenols, but is it possible to make coffee even healthier? Add a scoop of whey protein and blend to get even more nutrition out of your morning brew. Add whey to your keto coffee for a hit of healthy fats, protein, and polyphenol-rich coffee or try this Cold Brew Protein Drink from Tiffany of White Space + Wellness. 

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Image courtesy of Ellen, @triplepeakwellness

#6 Stir Into Pudding and Yogurt

If you’re looking for a unique way to add more protein to your diet, look no further than pudding or yogurt. Whey protein powder mixes wonderfully, adding a bit of sweetness and flavor and plenty of protein to keep you feeling full.

#7 Make Frosting

We’re turning frosting into health food. Granted, adding a scoop of whey protein won’t fix a super sugary dessert. However, adding protein to a zero-sugar, keto frosting offers extra nutrients, flavor, and acts as a thickener. For keto frosting you’ll want to eat with a spoon, mix:

  • 8 oz. full-fat organic cream cheese, softened
  • ½ stick grass-fed butter
  • Organic liquid stevia to taste
  • 2 scoops of Natural Force Organic Whey Protein (vanilla or chocolate!)

#8 Add to Soups or Stews

Whey protein powder is perfect for soups and stews, especially if they’re vegetarian. Get all of your essential amino acids, plus muscle-building branched-chain amino acids by adding 2-4 scoops of unflavored Organic Whey Protein Powder per pot. To blend completely, take about a cup of hot broth and blend the protein powder with an immersion blender; then pour the mixture back into the pot and stir.

#9 Protein-Packed Baked Goods

Your grandma doesn’t have the secret to baked goods; we do. And the secret is adding whey protein and ditching the sugar. Sugar saps your energy and leaves you feeling sluggish and starving. Whey protein, on the other hand, suppresses appetite and helps you lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. Add protein powder to your favorite low-sugar recipe, or even substitute the flour for whey protein powder. Start by replacing ⅓ cup of protein powder for every one cup of flour in the recipe. So, if the recipe asks for 1 cup of flour, add ⅓ cup of protein powder and ⅔ cup flour.

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