How to Improve Focus at Work with Healthy & Holistic Productivity Hacks

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It’s not natural to sit all day focused on a computer screen. At some point in your day, you’re bound to lose concentration or find yourself scrolling social media just to give your brain a break. But so-called “mindless” scrolling and pinning isn’t doing anything for your brain function or productivity. In fact, more input is only stressing your brain and potentially triggering a hormonal response that can really slow you down.

If you’re struggling to maintain focus at work or are simply looking for a boost in productivity, check out these methods to increase focus and energy when you need it most.

1. Meditate

Meditation is a great tool for stress relief and focus. Benefits include a decrease in blood pressure and better sleep. Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

You can get started by practicing the following steps.

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable place or even stay in your chair at work.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Breathe naturally and focus on the rhythm of your breath. It’s ok if your mind wanders, just refocus on your breathing when you notice your mind drifting. Counting your breaths can also be a useful tool.

Begin doing this for a few minutes each day and gradually increase the time. Some prefer to do this at the beginning of the day before starting work, but meditation can be done any time of day. For more meditation tips click here.

2. Fuel with Fat

MCT oil is a clean source of energy for your brain and body. It works because, unlike other dietary fats, MCTs are metabolized directly into energy instead of going through a multi-step metabolic process. That means quick energy for you, without the insulin spike and subsequent crash of sugar and other carbohydrates.

When you’re choosing MCT oils, make sure to go for MCTs sourced from 100% expeller-pressed coconut oil. It’s better for the environment than the ones made from palm oil.

Not sure how to incorporate MCTs into your day? Try this tasteless, odorless liquid in your coffee, or in a morning smoothie bowl. We recommend using MCTs in small increments throughout the day when you need clean energy without the crash. For more on how to use MCT oil, check out this article.

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3. Work Out (or "Work In")

Exercise is not only good for your physical health; it’s good for your mental health, too. Working out for just 30 minutes a day offers numerous benefits, including increased productivity and memory retention. Research suggests that the morning may be the best time of day to move to increase your performance, but that there are benefits to exercising any time of day.

Here are just a few ways exercise reduces stress and increases focus and productivity.

Yoga: This mind-body medicine combines the physical, mental, and spiritual to reduce stress and stress-related illness. Reducing negative emotional states and the burden of illness and pain is a game-changer when it comes to your work and creativity.

Resistance training: Lifting weights just twice per week can improve attention, conflict resolution, memory, and brain plasticity, according to a study on seniors with some cognitive decline.

Cardio: Cardio increases blood circulation and lights up the parts of your brain having to do with memory, motivation, and mood. That’s probably why aerobic exercise reduces stress and anxiety and is associated with positive social interactions. That means, the more you get your heart pumping, the better you’ll be at what you do. And you don’t have to hit the pavement hard to get positive results. Walking, swimming, gardening, and dancing can reduce depression and anxiety.

Tai Chi: In a small study on older adults, tai chi had some physical benefits, but the real impact was on their cognitive abilities. There was a “significant gain” in attention capacity and balance and overall reasoning and mental control based on a series of cognitive tests.

4. Practice Time Management

To-do lists and calendar reminders are a great way to remember important tasks and deadlines. Paired with the Pomodoro Technique, they can greatly increase your productivity at work.

The Pomodoro Technique uses 25-minute time intervals to chunk out tasks so you don’t get burnt out. To begin, decide on the task you want to complete. Next, set a timer and begin working on that task alone. No hopping from tab to tab on your browser or multitasking. At the end of the first third 25-minute interval, stop work and take a break of no more than 5 minutes. After the fourth interval take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. Repeat as often as needed.

5. Load Up on Adaptogens and Superfoods

Organic coffee berry: A natural source of caffeine, coffee berry extract can improve your mood and decrease blood pressure. Perfect for an intense day of meetings.

Ashwagandha: A powerful adaptogenic herb known for helping with recovery, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting hormone balance and brain function. Try it in our Keto Matcha Latte!

Beetroot: Known for increasing blood flow and boosting physical stamina, beetroot juice or powder can also increase blood flow to the brain to enhance cognition.

Yohimbe bark: Mostly used to aid in fat loss, yohimbe bark powder is a powerful energizing herb. Use as a gentle stimulant for all-day energy without the crash.

Cordyceps: Cordyceps is a powerful medicinal mushroom that can increase physical endurance and help reduce stress. They also lower inflammation and support liver and kidney health.

Rhodiola: An antioxidant-rich adaptogenic herb that can help battle physical and mental fatigue.

Hack Your Focus Naturally

Natural Force Raw Tea, Pre-Workout, and Cordyceps Pro are all powerful supplements that you can use to increase both physical and mental endurance. Taken regularly, and combined with meditation, exercise, time management, and healthy fats from MCT Oil, you’ll see huge changes in focus and motivation, whether you’re at the gym or behind your computer!


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