Get Started & Go Beyond with Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset

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The Go Beyond Lifestyle

Here at Natural Force, we believe that our all-natural, BS-free products work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad advice out there, so to help you to get started and #gobeyond, we wanted to lay out our approach in simple, actionable terms.

What is the Go Beyond Lifestyle?

The Go Beyond Lifestyle focuses on three areas of optimization: Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset.

Within these three domains, you’ll find ample opportunities to unlock vast amounts of physical energy, vitality, creativity, and mental performance.

As a nice side effect, you’ll probably start feeling, and looking, a lot better too!

Ok, So How Do I Actually Do It?

Talking about optimal nutrition, movement, and mindset are one thing, actually living these concepts is another.

Below you’ll find Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset principles that you can start applying today.

Remember: Before beginning any exercise or diet program, you should always consult with your physician.


Nutrition is everything you put on and in your body, from your diet to your deodorant.

There are a lot of “food-like” products out there so navigating the consumable landscape of supermarkets, convenience stores, and fast food can be tricky, but it CAN be done!

In addition to eating a diet comprised mostly of fresh, whole foods, test and develop you skills in the kitchen by preparing simple, home-cooked meals whenever possible.

Starting a garden and “growing your own” can also be a cost-effective, nutritious, and rewarding way to procure clean food.

Since your skin is the largest organ in the body, and capable of absorbing both beneficial and harmful substances, be sure to nourish it properly by using toxin-free personal care items like toothpaste and shampoos.

Nutritional supplements too should be pure as well, without added colors, flavors, fillers, etc.

7 Ways to Go Beyond the Nutritional Status Quo

  1. Eat – Ditch “diets” and just eat real food.
  2. Simplify – Eat mostly whole, fresh, unprocessed foods and drink lots of clean, pure water.
  3. Cook – Prepare some of your own meals at home.
  4. Know – Learn about your food, what’s in it, where it comes from, and who made it.
  5. Grow – Start a garden and grow your own.
  6. Share – Eat food with others, it’s part of what makes us human.
  7. Customize – Create your own individualized path based on your personal needs and goals.


Movement is everything you do.

Your body is constantly assessing the demands placed on it, and all movement (or lack thereof) sends chemical and mechanical messages to your cells. This message is either “grow” or “decay” so you want to stack the odds in your favor by sending the “grow” message on a regular basis.

Instead of thinking of “exercise” as a thing that only happens in the gym, consider movement as a vital part of your everyday life.

When you do go to the gym practice fundamental movement like the squat, deadlift, push-up, and pull-ups.

When you are at work, use proper ergonomics and incorporate movement breaks into your routine.

Unstructured play and physical forms of recreation are also valuable and enjoyable tools that can be leveraged to maximize the benefits of movement.

Rest and recovery are also crucial, so give yourself permission to take a day off here and there to fully rest, adapt, and come back stronger.

7 Ways to Go Beyond the Movement Status Quo

  1. Move – You don’t need an elaborate exercise plan, you just need to move your body.
  2. Connect – Learn to assess what’s happening in your body by paying attention to the way a movement feels.
  3. Mobilize – Unlock connective tissues through massage and bodywork.
  4. Control – Focus on improving your balance, control, and precision of motion.
  5. Strengthen – Train your muscle fibers and connective tissues with resistance exercises.
  6. Quicken – Amplify your neural output by incorporating plyometric speed and explosive power.
  7. Recover – Take adequate rest breaks and change your methods regularly.


Mindset is your mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

Ancient sages and modern science agree that although these dimensions of your inner being are more abstract than bones, muscles, and skin, they still have real consequences when it comes to your health.

The best diet and exercise program in the world will fail if mindset is taken into account, making mindset primary to the development of an exciting, vital, healthy life.

Just as you feed your body healthy, nutritious food, you need to feed your mind positive thoughts, create space through mindfulness, and develop confidence and focus by setting and achieving goals.

Of course, life isn’t always “roses and light”, so learning to manage stress, developing resiliency during tough times, and discerning between rational and irrational fear are absolutely vital as well.

7 Ways to Go Beyond the Mindset Status Quo

  1. Think – You HAVE a mind, just like you HAVE a body. YOU are the awareness that permeates both which is a powerful thought to consider!
  2. Notice – How do feelings influence thoughts? What thoughts emerge based on feelings? How do you create an optimal environment for a positive mindset?
  3. Quiet – Disconnect from the chatter and create space.
  4. Explore – Exercise creativity and dream new possibilities.
  5. Expand – Break through blocks and find new solutions with novel experiences and modes of thinking.
  6. Direct – Gently discipline your mind, letting go of unhelpful thoughts while generating constructive narratives.
  7. Endure – Experience vulnerability, find resilience, and keep moving forward.

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